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Year 6 Act Out Battle of Hastings

Year 6 have been learning about the scramble to become King of England in 1066, which ended in one of the most famous battles in our history.

We learnt how William, Duke of Normandy wanted to take the crown from King Harold II and so he landed on the south coast of England with an army of 7 000 trained soldiers. 

Harold, meanwhile, got ready to defend his position at the top of Senlac Hill with an army of soldiers and peasants.  They faced a well-organised enemy who lined up with their cavalry, infantry and archers at the bottom of Senlac Hill.

Using the playground and our imaginations, we recreated the events of that day which ended (so the Bayeux Tapestry tells us) with an arrow in the eye of King Harold II.

The Normans were victorious and The Duke of Normandy became William the Conqueror.