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The Magic Enderman: A Year 4 Short Story

The next day, Dad woke up and then found Ka sitting on his chest, purring slightly as Dad started to stroke him. Next, Dad got up and put on his clothes.  Dad went downstairs to make breakfast and to feed Ka. Meanwhile, Molly had been woken up by the black furry cat

“Go away! Go away! I was sleeping. DON'T DISTURB ME AGAIN!!!”
shouted Molly.

Then Dad travelled to work, faster than a cat, in his black car.

Later on, Ka found a mouse and started to chase it down the street. Further and further Ka went ,across roads, under cars.

Suddenly, Ka fell into an ‘Ender Portal’ and found himself with a wooden axe. Then he heard a sound -  it said:

“Hello, I am The Magic Enderman and you have come to the magical Mine Craft Land. In this area, you will find chests and trees and other things you can use. You have a wooden axe. Use it to cut down trees and make a wooden house, before night time or skeletons will shoot arrows at you and creepers will explode. When they do explode you will retrieve blocks which will help you make houses …”

By Thomas, Year 4