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Super Science Week

In Richardson Dees we are always looking for ways to improve our learning, so last week we decided to investigate lots of different science subjects. Every teacher in our school was given a subject and their challenge was to teach it to every class.  The children's challenge was to explore and find out new facts and phenomena in a fun, practical way.
"Walking around the school, I saw every child engaged, excited and motivated to learn. With Mrs Atkinson, for example, the children were testing the effect of force on the mice they had made. Mr Bell's groups, meanwhile, were generating an awful mess. However the mess was all very necessary in order for the pupils to be able to test their chosen materials for building a house. Our Science Week proved to be another amazing success - such an innovative approach to teaching and learning."Mrs Susan Winter.
"I loved Science Week. I hope we can have some more weeks like that." Rheanna, Year 6.
"My favourite bit was probably making the rockets because it was fun and creative." David, Year 5
"Working with all of the teachers was great fun." Connor, Year 6