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Mrs Davison and Year 2 have been writing riddles, tongue twisters and ‘Nursery rhymes gone wrong’. Have a go at reading them out loud.

There was an old woman who lived in a box.
She went inside a saw a fox.
The fox was red, blue and green,
And the fox and the woman went to see the queen!
Elliot had an eel.
The eel was electric!
At Easter, Elliot’s eel electrocuted Elliot!
Famous Faith finds a fortune and Fatou thinks it is fabulous!
There was an old woman who lived on a mat.
The mat was so itchy that she sat like a cat!
The cat said ‘This is no fun - it might make you fat’
The cat got so mad he turned into a bat!
Andrew had an anaconda.
The anaconda ate.
The anaconda ate a lot of ants.                                         
How many ants did Andrew’s anaconda eat?
An amazing amount!
(Mrs D)
Michael had a monkey.
The monkey munched.
The monkey munched more.
How many more marshmallows did Michael’s monkey munch?
Caring Claire does cool things, but does caring Claire do clever things?
Cameron had a cat.
The cat climbed.
The cat climbed carefully.
How carefully did Cameron’s cat climb?
What am I?
I have sharp teeth.
I am yellow and brown.
I have very sharp nails.
I eat meat.
I move very fast.
I am the King of the jungle.
I am …..?
Sammy had a snake.
The snake slithered.
The snake slithered slowly.
How slowly did Sammy’s snake slither?
What am I?
I have a long tail and I am brown.
I clip clop when I walk.
People ride on my back.
I live in a farmyard.
Teddy bear, teddy bear,
Hop like a frog.
Teddy bear, teddy bear,
Bark like a dog!

Year 2 worked really hard. It was very difficult to pick out just a few.
Have a go at writing your own. It’s fun to play with words!
Mrs Davison.