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Year 5 Printing Project

12 students from Year 5 Lions have been working with Pip, Theresa and a group of adults from the community on a project about ageing and interaction.

“It was nice chatting to Alan and Geoffrey. Alan told me you can print with Potatoes.” Jack.

This week, we had the opportunity to go over to Wallsend Town Hall and begin some exciting work on some ink print postcards. These post cards are going to be part of an exhibition on printed books to be shown at The Baltic in Newcastle and then onto Newcastle Civic Centre. The postcards are going to be part of a printed book compiled by the local community about Wallsend, past and present.

We worked with 5 members of the local community on our prints and had lots of fun doing so. Some students traced historical landmarks from Wallsend, including St Peters Church, Swan ship yards and even our School! Where others drew terraced streets or even more recent things like Wallsend Boys Club Logo! Then the hard work took place, we had to make sure we pressed down really hard on our card when we were drawing it on……. Our wrist’s hurt a lot!

We got to choose from lots of extra bits of wallpaper, tissue paper or cardboard to add some texture to our prints. Then the fun part started the ink! We rolled our chosen ink colours over our card (making sure we had aprons on) and then remembering health and safety we rolled them through the mangle. The finished prints were brilliant, some worked better than others and we all made more than one.

Next week we will write on our postcards using quills made out of duck feathers!

“We had to make sure we had the right amount of ink on the roller.”  Jacob.

“We had to make sure we kept our hands out of the way and to put the blanket on the top. If we wanted to do a special colour on top we had to glue tissue paper on.” Natalie.

“I really enjoyed getting to meet the elderly people from the community” Poppy.

“I really enjoyed using the roller in the ink so I could make my print.” Maryam.

“It really helped me to use a steady hand when I was tracing my picture of St Peters Church.”  Josh.

Some of our ink prints: