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Year 4 Learn About Penguins

Antarctica: The first fact Year 4 learned about penguins is that penguins live in Antarctica, but penguins aren’t the only animals living in Antarctica.
ICT : Then after we went in the ICT Suite ,we were looking for facts about penguins to write in our books but first we wrote a spider diagram.
We found out that there was 17 species of penguins and here they are.

Emperor; King; Adele; Chinstrap; Gentoo; Rock hopper; Erec-crested; Macaroni; Fiordland; Snears; Royal; Yellow eyed; African; Galapagos; Humboldt; Magellantic; Little Blue

Then in maths we worked out penguin problems this is some  …. We timed numbers to make room for 60 penguins and had cards to find out how to make it.

4 x 15 = 60      6 x 10 = 60    3 x 20 = 60     1 x 60 = 60

We created 3D penguins with cloth and newspaper the cloth was smooth and soft we also created 2D penguins, life size.