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Nursery Has Some New Arrivals

Some new friends have joined our Foundation Stage Unit. Two little baby guinea pigs have come to live in our nursery. We have been learning all about how we look after guinea pigs to keep them safe, healthy and happy!

Nursery have found out that guinea pigs like to eat lettuce, spinach, carrots, fresh grass and they love broccoli. They also need to drink water to keep in tip-top condition! Our guinea pigs are very “chatty” as they are always squeaking at each other! The guinea pigs like to be nice and cosy when they go to sleep, we make sure there is lots of hay so they have a very comfy bed!

For our homework nursery and reception had to think of two names that we could call our guinea pigs, the children came up with some fantastic ideas and we have decided to name our guinea pigs George and Denzel.  
George and Denzel are living in our pet’s corner with our goldfish and Sammy the giant snail; take a look at our pictures of our pets!