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Game on - Year 3

Year 3 students turned into video game designers during their first week back after the Easter holidays. This was all inspired by knowledge gained from an excellent recent trip to Longbenton CLC (City Learning Centre) where the children made their own version of Pacman. Here is a picture of a superb effort by Bethan…

Literacy lessons became a hive of activity as the class created adventure stories which doubled up as their computer game plot-lines. When in the ICT suite, they made levels that not only look like the settings of their stories, but also have the main characters with some dastardly enemies too!

Time has been well spent making sure that these characters are programmed to move when the arrow keys are pressed, stop if they walk into walls, gain health if they pick up power-ups and die if they collide with an enemy.

Watch out for future games designed by the Year 3 Elephants!