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French Day

The whole School community had fun during French Day on Friday. All Staff and children dressed in red and blue to celebrate the colours of the French flag.

In Reception
The children enjoyed a snack of pain au chocolate with their milk. They played games in PE with French instructions. The children said good morning and good afternoon in French when the register was taken and were testing Mrs Atkinson’s French by asking her for French words. In the afternoon the children painted Monet’s Water Lilies with Mrs Knox.
In Key Stage 1
The children enjoyed tasting croissants, French bread, jam cheese and ham and then they choose which they enjoyed the most. During numeracy the colours of the French flag were used to play addition bingo and in music the children joined in with French songs. The older children took a computerised voyage around Paris and then wrote an imaginary postcard home.
In Key Stage 2
The children enjoyed finding out about places and journeys around France. They listened to French music and learnt to sing in French. In Numeracy children learnt about Euros. They counted, played games and even did their multiplication tables in French. They were taught how to say and understand everyday phrases in French and lead assembly with the songs they learnt. The Oldest children used their design and engineering skills to build models of the Eifel Tower and enjoyed a game of French cricket.