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Born in the USA

Year 5 have been looking at contrasting localities this week. In doing so, we have talked LIVE to America! We used Skype so they could see and hear us and we could see and hear them. It was very exciting.

Pupils and staff at Glen Lake Elementary School in Maple City, Michigan have shared information about their locality, daily routines and interests!
Last week they asked us about the Uk to help them with their topic all about England, this week we got to ask the questions.

We found out that they live close to “Sleeping Bear National Dunes”, an area that won the accolade of “America’s Most Beautiful Place”.

They don’t wear a uniform, and they were even talking to use while bouncing on fitness balls in the classroom! We suppose that’s our version of Activate.

Mr Richmond, their teacher is originally from Newcastle and loves his football (soccer)

Next week, we are going to perform a surprise transatlantic activity top be planned by Mrs Lynch and Mr Richmond.

We have also had a look around Maple City using Google Earth and Street View. It was like being there for real!

The children are in fourth grade, which is the same age as us, but there are only 17 in their class.
We found out that their winters are VERY VERY VERY snowy and while we were on Skype, Mr Richmond sowed us that the snow was past the bottom of the classroom windows. They make up for it in summer though with glorious sunshine nearly every day.

We are going to continue talking to Glen lake Elementary and begin emailing individual children so we have a penpal in America. They all seem really nice and we are looking forward to our next chat!

It was amazing, when they said “hello” and we heard and American accent” Poppy Kilgallon

“I learned that America can have lots of sunshine and lots of snow” Ciaran Hannan

“We discovered that as one of their school trips they are going to have a sleep over in a museum!” Jacob Walker.

“ We did a transatlantic Gangnam Style!” Elisha Newton

“ Because they live over a wide area, some children take a school bus to school that picks them up at their door!” Caitlin Almond.

Mr Richmond Snowy Maple City Sunny Maple City