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Bonjour, Richardson Dees!

Year 3 decided to show the range of French learning that is happening in the classroom. We began in September by learning to say “Hello” and introduce ourselves.

We have found out where France is on a map and we know about the countries that surround it. We have made a display in the classroom which also shows that we know about objects that we may find in our pencil case like a calculator, scissors, pencil sharpener and a ruler.

We are now learning about birthdays and how to say where we live.

We have enjoyed learning French. Michael wrote, ’I love it can we do more?’. Bethan wrote, ’Can I learn my numbers to 100?’ Bailey thought, ‘It’s a bit tricky!’ and finally for now, Chloe said, ‘It is great because you are learning another language’.

Au revoir, from Year 3 Elephants.